Lal Fernando is the Chairman and CEO of Sustainable Global Ventures, (Holdings) LLC.  Under its umbrella are, Pure Foods USA, LLC, Ceylon Tea Company, Ceyloon Cinnamon Company, Persian Tea company, Ceylon Rice and Spice Company, Ceylon Fish Company, Global Trading Company and Global Innovations, LLC..

Lal Fernando is not your average entrepreneur. For him, "profit sharing" is a literal term. A member of more than eight social organizations for over 20 years, his motives differ from most CEOs. Of all his achievements, there is none he values more than using his businesses to help the lives of others. 

Lal's enduring love and dedication to children is admirable. In 1972, he founded an organization for the moral education for children, and today serves as the Chair on its Board. This non-profit organization, New Era Children's Fund, has several projects in the United States, as well as in a few other countries.  His heart is on projects promoting reading and comprehension among children, and in fact, he has launched a special program called, "Reading, the best medicine ®".  It launched a massive book collection drive which collected over 65,000 books for distribution to schools. 

As founder of the New Era Children's Fund, Lal is dedicated to helping children fulfill their dreams and imagination. To empower them to achieve excellence in all things is his dream.  The organization is comprised of a team of local professionals, parents, school teachers, and other concerned individuals who share a common concern - the future of our children with good health, high levels of literacy and active involvement of the environment they live in.  It also distributes, on a weekly basis, over 500 loaves of bread to less privileged families in greater Phoenix area.  Many families have received much needed relief via the many services promoted and personally supervised by Lal.

“Swim Safe Day” is an award-winning annual event held in Phoenix.  Lal is the founder of this extremely important water safety training program for children in Arizona.  Phoenix, in 1995 ranked number one in the number of children drowning at their home swimming pools.  The Mayor and the entire Phoenix City Council is fully behind this effort to save lives of children through proper water safety training.  In 2004 there was no child lost life due to drowning within the city of Phoenix.

New Era Children's Fund is continualy promoting a curriculum (a product of a company in South Carolina) aimed at developing a sense of understanding among children of all races and creeds. “Building Cultural Bridges” is a new curriculum designed to help students and staff of a school to become more skillful and relate more positively to others whom one may perceive as being "different."

Lal was born on the Asian island of Sri Lanka and completed his college education in the early '70s. Thereupon, he began to travel the world and has visited over three dozen countries. He also speaks several languages.

In 1977, Lal took it upon himself to promote a program intended to establish unity among the members of all religious faiths in the world. This global program, entitled World Religion Day, is now observed in more than 500 localities around the globe on Third Sunday of January each year. Many religious leaders, including Dalai Lama, have blessed this effort. In 1999, a special emissary of Dalai Lama addressed the Phoenix World Religion Day observance. Several national governments have issued postal stamps to mark this day. Governors and many legislatures in the United States have issued proclamations declaring the Third Sunday in January each year as World Religion Day.  Lal serves as the Director General of this international effort to promote harmony between the followers of world’s Faiths. Serving the Faith community in Arizona, Lal is also a Member of the Arizona Inter-Faith Coalition. He serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of Greater Phoenix Multi-Cultural & Arts Foundation. He is also a Member of the Board at the North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and also the liaison between the Chamber and the Governor's Office.  He serves on many Task Forces of the City of Phoenix for education of children and for promoting Fine Arts.  He is also elected to serve in the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Phoenix and under that agency he serves as the Director for External Affairs. 

Lal is the founder and president of Foundation for World Peace, which has members in many lands. In the 1980s, he participated in many United Nations programs in Asian countries. During that period, he represented the Baha'i International Community (with Consultative Status at the United Nations) at the observances marking World Health Day and World Earth Day.

Lal serving as the Director of External Affairs and as the Project Coordinator for UN activities under the auspices of the Baha'i Assembly of Phoenix achieved many goals of informing members of the high society about the value and absolute necessity of transforming humankind from a warring attitude to that is of universal harmony based upon the concept of “Oneness of the human race”. Lal was honored with an award by the Baha’i Community for his efforts to organize a celebration to mark the United Nations Human Rights Day each year. 

He has had the privilege of meeting world leaders of many nations and has been a recipient of their commendations. Lal has also earned a reputation as an effective public speaker. In addition to his speaking engagements at universities around the world, he serves as a visiting lecturer at Arizona State University and several community colleges in Arizona. In past years Landegg International University in Switzerland had a special place in Lal's heart, as that institution promotes a special program called "Education for Peace" in the war-torn countries of the world.

Lal has received numerous international awards for his grassroots activities in providing basic needs such as water and sanitary facilities in several developing countries. People of several countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East have benefited from his projects.

In 2005, Lal received the prestigious Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Living the Dream” Award.  In 2002, he was nominated for the Business Advocate of the Year Award sponsored by the Greater Phoenix Black Chamber of Commerce. The National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ) in Washington, D.C. honored him for his contributions and services to eliminate bigotry, hate and discrimination in America.  He has won 17 other awards in the United States and internationally for his services to humanity especially for children.

Lal has been married to wife Dheena for 37 years. They have two children, Mehdi,, and Shirin.


  • Member, State of Arizona Acupuncture Board of Examiners
  • Member, Commission on Phoenix Youth Services & Education, City of Phoenix
  • Member, Board of Directors for Greater Phoenix Multi-Cultural & Arts Foundation
  • Member, Board of Directors, North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
  • Member, Greater Phoenix Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Member, Board of Directors, Arizona Interfaith Coalition
  • Director, Office of External Affairs of the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’i’s of Phoenix
  • Founder/Chairman of New Era Children’s Fund, a non-profit organization
  • Founder/President of Foundation For World Peace, a non-profit organization
  • Director-General, World Religion Day Program
  • Executive Director, Institute for the Advanced Study of World’s Scripture
  • Founder, Inter-Religions Organization of USA
  • Chairman/ CEO, Sustainable Global Ventures – a Holding Company
  • Chairman/ CEO, Global Innovations, LLC
  • Chairman/ CEO, Ceylon Tea Company, LLC
  • Chairman/ CEO, Ceylon Cinnamon Company, LLC
  • Chairman/ CEO, Global Trading Company, LLC
  • Chairman/ CEO, Sustea, LLC
  • Founder, Tea Mall
  • Chairman, Board of Directors at the Institute for Wellbeing, LLC

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